Much Ado About Nothing


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Keeping things in perspective for Mom

Mom: What's that (spots on the carpet)? Oh, (groan) water spots.

Aidan, the guilty: It's okay, Mom, remember, it helps clean. Silly you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Aidan, the Inductive Logican

Emma was being funny while she was waiting for breakfast in her high chair and called mom Mr. Mom. Aidan, in attempt to correct her, asked her if Mommy had a lot of hair. He then continued to explain that dads don't have a lot of hair, but Moms do, and therefore, you don't call Mom Mister.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blessings from 2005

I'm attempting to counter my "the glass is half empty" tendency with a blog of why my glass is really half full (and then some). I am also terrible at keeping in touch with far away friends and family.

We have many things to be thankful for in 2005, somewhat in chronological order:

1. We began the year expecting our third little Foos.

2. The generosity of the Wilson's in giving us a wonderful four wheel drive Suburban and of Uncle Bob & Aunt Dotty for the Camry.

3. The birth of nephew Ben.

4. The school choir recorded a c.d.

5. We had a wonderful Episcopal visit with many confirmed.

6. Our friend James returned safely from serving our country in Germany.

7. The school had a very successful play this year. The students accomplished more than they thought they could.

8. The school had a very successful trip to England, the Scottish borderlands & Wales this spring with sister school, Good Shepherd in Tyler, TX.

9. This summer we had a very successful remodel of enlarging the school chapel and adding a beautiful wood floor.

10. Thanks to Aunt Marlo, Grammy, & Auntie Alli', better known as Miss Steinberg, for all the help with Aidan & Emma while our family was separated for about three weeks waiting for dear Lizzy to arrive.

11. The Rose family opened their home in Chico (a week after moving into their brand new house) to the Foos family to await the arrival of Elizabeth Brynn Iona Foos--who finally made it on the 19 of July.

12. Just a week later, our new godson, Lewis, was born.

13. A successful visit with General Bunting in August.

14. A fun fourth birthday party for Aidan at Foxwood, complete with Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Thanks, Grammy & Aunt Marlo!

15. A fun 2nd birthday for Emma Grace at Grammy's house.

16. A wonderful trip to Pacific Grove courtesy of the Routh family. A great time getting to know friends better & getting away to relax as a family.

17. A glorious baptismal service for Elizabeth and our new godson, Lewis, with special guests, the Rouths, present. Thanks to Mrs. Salvatore, Miss Steinberg & Mr. Bartel for committing to be godparents.

18. We began the Michaelmas term with 50% growth in enrollment. We welcomed new families at church, too.

19. Aidan played soccer on his first team, the Bluejays, with cousin Nicolas (cheering was somewhat hampered by the name: "Peck them, Bluejays", "Wing your way to the goal", etc.--especially since they played the Sharks and the Rockets).

20. Donations for new high school chairs and new school sign.

21. Aunt Marlo & Papa made school desks for our First Form room. Thanks!

22. Aidan & Mom began preschool at home with Open Court phonics, Saxon math, motor skills, & catechism.

23. We enjoyed preschool story time at the Chester Library.

24. A fun school trip to the pumpkin patch in Chico.

25. Elizabeth & Mom went to an infant massage workshop.

26. Aidan & Dad took a special trip to Sacramento to go on the Great Train Robbery ride.

27. Max, the very good natured Jensen dog, helped Aidan & Emma lose their fear of dogs.

28. Mom learned how to make Truffles (Thanks, Lisa!)

29. Christmas Eve we celebrated our second anniversary in our new home (thanks Papa & Grammy for everything!) We Welcomed new next door neighbors, the Rogers.

30. A delightful Christmas Eve fondue party. Thanks, Salvatores & Bradleys!

31. Two joyous baptisms in December: Welcome James & Charris to the Church.

32. Thanks to Auntie Laurel, also known as Mrs. Salvatore for spending time with Aidan & Emma so Mom can teach Logic.

33. Curtains for our windows. Thanks, Papa & Grammy. The house looks warmer and more finished.

34. A beautiful Christmas tree. Thanks, Grammy--that's what Aidan asked of Santa.

35. A successful winter fundraiser.

36. Withorne Press successfully published an Ordo Kalendar.

37. The generosity of Cousins Rob & Val for their very generous support of the school and very special friendship.

38. Although not this week, we are greatful that in general, we have three very good sleepers.

39. The generosity of the Bradleys, for sending us to the Genesee House for a week. Thanks to Grammy and Papa for watching Aidan & Emma. It was great to have some couple time before being separrated while waiting for Lizzy. One of the highlights was visiting with the Cliftons and seeing Dell's art and Rodeo pictures.

40. Discovering home roasted coffee. (Thanks, Erica!)

I'm sure there are many more blessings that I have missed. Hopefully keeping up this list on a more regular basis will allow fewer to slip through the cracks.