Much Ado About Nothing


Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Between normal Sunday duties and trying to get a school trip with the choir together for our provincial/diocesan synod, I don't think the Father of our household ended up with a very relaxing or fun Father's day. We did enjoy a family BBQ at the inlaws in between the craziness, though.

Ode to Father:

What Aidan & Emma love about Daddy

He prays to God
He does eat grapes
He drinks milk
He does eat strawberries
Because he's a priest
Because I get to sit in the front pew with Dad
Because he wears the priest clothes and his cross
Because he is a good priest
He gives me stuff and plays with them with me
He tickles me...And me
Going out to lunch w/ him
Because Daddy is so handsome
And he makes coffee
Because he is so good
Because he takes care of the house and me and you and mom
He tries to keep the house clean
He makes surprises for mom
Because he is a good father
Because he takes care of us
He works a lot with the school
He takes care of Lizzy
He buys milk for us and helps us make pancakes
I get to work with him a lot
He gives us airplane rides on his feet
He plays with me every night and every day

Friday, June 09, 2006

Foos Family, Est. 1996

In 10 years, Many Blessings

kids: a boy and 2 beautiful girls

a house to call home: Shreveport, San Luis Obispo, Indian Valley, East Shore of Lake Almanor and Hamilton Branch

Countries visited: England, Scottland, Wales, France, Italy, Mexico (does Juarez count?)

vehicles to get around: Saturn, pick-up truck, pathfinder, caravan, camry, suburban