Much Ado About Nothing


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Aidan's Lenten Fast

Daddy talked to Aidan Shrove Tuesday night about giving up something for Lent, in preparation for Easter. Since Aidan could not think of anything, Dad asked him to pray about it. Today at lunch we had the following conversation:

Aidan: I'll give up eating.

Mom: You have to stop growing to give that up.

Aidan: I'll give up watching movies.

Mom: Aidan, you hardly watch moves.

Aidan: Oh, yeah... I'll give up eating dessert (with plate of the last crumbs of king cake in front of him), wait, I'll give up going to school.
I'll give up saying "Why?"

Mom: Dad told you never to stop asking why.

Aidan: Oh yeah... I'll give up kissing.

Emma: I'll give up blowing bubbles. I will not give up kissing or hugging.

We'll find something appropriate...